Capital Garden Mimics specialise in manufacturing bespoke trees to your specification. The trees are made using natural trunks and the foliage is so realistic and botanically accurate that they are indistinguishable from the real thing.

The bespoke trees can be used as a stunning statement in any interior or exterior landscaping project.

Bespoke box hedging is our specialty. We manufacture made to measure hedging in any size and shape. Tailor made hedging can be used to define eating areas of a restaurant, hide unsightly buildings or bring greenery and life to a shady roof terrace or an inaccessible stairwell. Our range of topiary trees and box balls perfectly complement the hedging introducing further height and structure.

For added interest and colour the bespoke trees can be under planted with artificial shrubs, grasses, ivy and seasonal flowers.

Capital Garden Mimics produce beautiful bespoke floral displays from large opulent orchid arrangements for hotel reception areas to subtle bouquets of cut flowers. Our bespoke range is only as limited as your imagination. For the finishing touch our flower arrangements are top dressed with green moss or a coloured slate or stone of your choice.